B Calm headphones Band In A Box Beginner Band Set
B Calm headphonesBand In A BoxBeginner Band Set
The b-Calm GP system with AudioSedation functions as an “acoustic shield”, allowing the individual to have control of the sound environment, and helping reduce off task behaviors and irritability. Individuals will love how disturbing...Everything needed for a solo performance or to form a marching band. This musical set includes a tambourine, cymbals, maracas, clacker, tone blocks and a triangle! Ideal for involving preschoolers in the musical experience. Dimensions: 3" x 11.3"...

Got music? Everything needed for a solo performance or to form a marching band. Features a xylophone, a kazoo, castanets, a harmonica and a jingle stick in a wooden crate! Ideal for involving preschoolers in the musical experience. Dimensions:...




Carry Along Keyboard Colored Recorders in Eight Different Colors Cool Rockin' Guitar
Carry Along KeyboardColored Recorders in Eight Different ColorsCool Rockin' Guitar

Portable keyboard with 24 keys, flashing lights, eight rhythm buttons, eight instrument sounds, four percussion sounds, volume and tempo adjuster, record and playback. Three "AA" batteries not included.


Our new brightly colored recorders are high quality, precisely tuned and perfectly suitable for school music programs. Many recorders sold today are not accepted by music teachers due to tone and pitch problems. These play beautifully! Each...

New contemporary guitar design. Features 25 songs and sound effects! • Light up strum bar • Adjustable shoulder strap • Requires 3 AA batteries (demo batteries included)




Grand Piano Guitar Pens a Set of 4 Harmonica
Grand PianoGuitar Pens a Set of 4Harmonica
Here's an elegant introduction to playing the piano. Classically styled grand piano features a lifting top with safety hinge, 30 piano keys, songbook with color-coded key chart and a sturdy, non-tip bench! Dimensions: 26 in x 20 in x 21 in...

Guitar pens-set of four. Everyone in your classroom will be jealous!

Inhale, exhale- the music sounds great with every breath! This classic harmonica is ready for every musical occasion. Dimensions: 1" x 1" x 5.25" Assembled Recommended Ages: 3+ years **Low inventory, price has been drastically reduced** A set of...




Kazoo Learn To Play Piano Let's Jam Keyboard
KazooLearn To Play PianoLet's Jam Keyboard

Hmmmmm...The perfect instrument when you don't know the words! Humming into this wooden kazoo will transform any melody into a fun experience.

Dimensions: 0.9" x 1.2" x 4.5" Assembled

Recommended Ages: 3+ years

Do-Re-Mi...this piano could be one of your favorite things! Brightly painted upright piano features 25 keys and two full octaves to give kids a wide range of notes to play. Includes an illustrated songbook and color-coded key chart. Dimensions:...

Portable keyboard with 37 keys features 8 sounds/rhythms, 6 demo songs and 4 percussion/animal sounds. • Volume and tempo control • Requires 3 AA batteries (demo batteries included) • Record and playback modes




Music Making Set Musical Instruments Sound Puzzle Pop Pop Piano
Music Making SetMusical Instruments Sound PuzzlePop Pop Piano
A complete collection of quality rhythm instruments. This set includes 14 pieces and a drawstring bag for easy storage. Contents include 1 Triangle, 1 Adjustable Wrist Bell, 1 Slide Whistle, 1 Castanet, 2 Kazoos, 1 Mini Maraca, 1 Tambourine and 1 Dixie Fife.Eight instruments are ready for their "conductor." Place an instrument piece correctly in the puzzle board and listen to it play. Then remove each piece to discover the identity of each of the instruments! Top Pick For Special Needs AAA batteries not included.When children press a key on the piano, they not only hear a sound, they see a star pop up! The clear dome guides the shooting stars onto a different pipe so when another note is played, they’ll pop some more! Flip the switch to go from...




Recorder Rhythm Sticks Saxoflute
RecorderRhythm SticksSaxoflute

Even the Pied Piper would have fun with this wooden recorder. Develop rhythm, melody and fine motor skills while creating your own music!

Dimensions: 1.25" Diameter x 12.5"H Assembled

Recommended Ages: 3+ years

Played by striking or scraping together. Used to provide  rhythm accompaniment for all music.

Saxoflute 24 months+ The 15pc set features mouthpiece, trumpet end, and twisting tubes all made of unbreakable ABS plastic. Compatible with Tubation




Sing Along Microphone Super Saxoflute Tie Dye Thunder Tube
Sing Along MicrophoneSuper SaxofluteTie Dye Thunder Tube
Create your own concert with this real working microphone and amplifier! Features: dance rhythms, colorful flashing lights, adjustable stand, foot pedals with clapping/cheering sounds. • Volume controls and on/off switch •...

Build a big musical instrument with this 24-piece set. Includes 2 mouthpieces, 2 trumpet ends and twisting tubes. Compatible with Tubation.

Crazy sound effects with justa shake of your wrist! Create the sound of a thunder storm in the palm of your hand. Amazingly authentic, you won't believe it. No batteries required.