Celestial Star Globe Transparent United States of America Sound Puzzle Create A Scene Magnetic USA Puzzle
Celestial Star Globe TransparentUnited States of America Sound PuzzleCreate A Scene Magnetic USA Puzzle
Unique 12" diameter globe design gives visual reference to aid the astronomer' conception of Earth in space. Shows constellations and many other cosmic phenomena in 3-D format. The Universal Celestial Globe is mounted in a full horizon and...As each piece is placed correctly in the puzzle board, your child will be delighted to hear the names of the states and capitals! Forty wooden pieces help develop map and memory skills. Pictures on pieces show images associated with each state....Kids learn to identify the states and their positions on the map as they fit the magnetic states together. The map, which unfolds to 18" x 14", shows major resources, industries, landmarks and attractions in individual states. Kids also can have...




Earth and Moon System DVD Earth In My Room Geology Landform Models
Earth and Moon System DVDEarth In My RoomGeology Landform Models

Explore the unique relationship between the Earth and its companion Moon. Understand the reasons why these planetary bodies are considered a system and how their mutual movement creates tides, eclipses and natural phenomena that affect us all.

Earth In My Room™ Imagine seeing an awe-inspiring view of Earth from space in your room! With Earth In My Room watch Earth's city lights illuminate from East to West in brilliant detail. It's a real wonder of our world! Great sensory...

Geology Landform Models-Miniature, 10 sets/4 Small unpainted 3-D models (4 3/4" x 4 3/4") make great classroom projects. Set of four includes a raised relief model of the following landforms: volcanoes, glaciers, faulting, and folding. Includes lesson plan and 10 sets of 4 models.




Great States Game Board Land and Ocean Globe in 3D Landform Discovery Pack Models
Great States Game BoardLand and Ocean Globe in 3DLandform Discovery Pack Models

Board game for 2-6 players, ages 7+

Contents: game board, 100 "fact" cards, 100 "find" cards, 100 "figure" cards, 100 "fun" cards, spinner, mechanical timer, game rules.

Students discover the intricate patterns of land and water covering the Earth with this 12" diameter globe. Details of land masses and bodies of water are depicted in 3-D raised relief. Ocean sections are covered by clear plastic representing...Landform Discovery Pack Models Use this kit for the entire class or set up a self-directed activity center! Eight 3-D models form a landscape showing geologic and geographic details. The seven accompanying tapes provide detailed scientific and...




Magnetic Travel USA Map United States Map Floor Puzzle USA Foam Map Puzzle
Magnetic Travel USA MapUnited States Map Floor PuzzleUSA Foam Map Puzzle
The Magnetic Travel USA Map is a unique way for kids to travel and learn the 50 states! Kids use the magnetic wands to move the colored balls around the state borders to get from one destination to another. Challenges logical thinking and...Geography comes to life in this cardboard floor puzzle, featuring 51 pieces cut to the shape of the state or region. 2' x 3' when assembled, the extra-thick pieces feature an Easy-Clean surface to keep them looking like new. Kids will have fun...The Big Idea You’ve got the whole United States in your hands with this giant, fun-to-assemble foam puzzle. Shhh...They're Learning! Hands-on introduction to states, capitals, landmarks, wildlife and more Builds fine motor and hand-eye...




World Foam Map Puzzle World Geophysical Map
World Foam Map PuzzleWorld Geophysical Map
The Big Idea You’ve got the whole world in your hands with this giant, fun-to-assemble foam puzzle. Tour continents and countries all around the world—from Australia to Zimbabwe. Shhh...They're Learning! Hands-on introduction to...

This Rand McNally map is 38 x 2 and isperfect f an overall view of our world. The scale is 1"=750 miles and compliments  any classroom. Unframed. All Grades.