Aloe Rock Garden Root Viewer Aquaria Terraria Set of 6
Aloe Rock GardenRoot ViewerAquaria Terraria Set of 6

Grow one of the most useful and indispensable plants in the world in the brand new handcrafted rock planter! Aloe is known to soothe and heal skin, and is also used to treat cuts, scrapes, and burns. It is one of the only houseplants that...

From sprouting to full harvest, the Root Viewer allows you to observe vegetables growing right before your eyes. Complete with enough seeds for several plantings, this kit includes a quality wooden stand, three plastic root toobers, growing...

1 Gallon Student Aquaria/Terraria, Tank and Cover The 1 Gallon makes a perfect terrarium for plants. Best of all, each is made of plastic that is sturdy for all types of use. The molded "feet" on the bottom keep them from harming furniture! These...




Biblical Garden Bonsai Rock Garden Build A Bird Feeder
Biblical GardenBonsai Rock GardenBuild A Bird Feeder
Let this wonderful, varied assortment take you to the land of Biblical Times! The Biblical Garden contains some of the most important plants of the Bible: Aloe a rare spice used to anoint the body of Jesus! Date Palm the most highly regarded palm...

This plant not only offers your child a chance to grow it, but then to take care of it year after year while molding it into whatever they can imagine. Grows in less than a month!!!

Build and paint your own birdfeeder using the included pre-cut wood pieces, nails, glue and hanging hardware. Comes with 4 paint pots and paintbrush. Completed bird feeder measures 4.5 x 6 x 5.5 inches.




Carnivorous Creations Critter Lights Culinary Herb Garden
Carnivorous CreationsCritter LightsCulinary Herb Garden

ALL FLYS BEWARE---THERE ARE INSECT EATING PLANTS IN THE AREA!! Completely safe for humans, bad news for insects. Venus fly traps plus 5 other south carolina native insect trapping plants.

These cute forest critter head lamps have adjustable bands to fit most. Bright LED lights have flashing or steady light modes. Two styles: Raccoon and Bear. Please specify in notes which one you would like. Requires two AA batteries, not included

Children of all ages love helping Mom and Dad in the kitchen. This kit gives them great satisfaction knowing that they made the meal taste better by growing their very own herbs, in their very own herb garden. Mom and Dad will love it too!!




Dinosaur Park Field Binoculars Jungle Lights
Dinosaur ParkField BinocularsJungle Lights

Your child will love this magical journey back to the dinosaur days. Kit incules prehistoric lava rock, plants and dinosaurs.

These durable 5.25 inch binoculars feature 6 X 35 power, and come in two assorted translucent colors. Detachable neck strap included

These cute animal shaped head lamps have adjustable bands to fit most. Bright LED lights have flashing or steady light modes. Two styles: Monkey and Frog. Requires two AA batteries, not included. 




Kids Garden Tool Set Kids Gardening Hand Tools Paint A Butterfly House
Kids Garden Tool Set Kids Gardening Hand ToolsPaint A Butterfly House

Let your Little Gardener -dig- right in! These real metal tools with wood handles are sized just right for children. Each set includes: a leaf rake, shovel, garden rake and hoe. Each tool measures just over 27in tall.

Include the kids in garden time fun with these 8in kid-sized sturdy garden hand tools. Set includes a colorful trowel, rake and shovel. Metal tools with wood handles.

Paint your own butterfly house! This sturdy 9.25 inch tall wood house comes assembled and includes a chain for hanging out in the garden. Create your own fun colorful designs. Includes a brush and three paint pots in primary colors, that can be used as is, or mixed to create more colors.




Sensory Dome Responsibility Plants Watering Can Garden Kit
Sensory Dome Responsibility PlantsWatering Can Garden Kit
Tantalize all your senses with over ten varieties of exotic and fun plants from around the world, including Aloe, the Pink Polka Dot Plant, Eucalyptus, and the Cabbage Palm! This easy-to-grow kit starts sprouting in one week and can be grown indoors for years with minimal care.These fun sets include one pair of green jersey knit garden gloves, a durable metal and wood trowel, rake and shovel and a colorful metal watering can. Can measures 7 inches tall, 12 inches long, and 6 inches diameter at the base. Two assorted color combinations.