10 Foot Jumbo Parachute Aircraft Glider Bowling Set
10 Foot Jumbo ParachuteAircraft GliderBowling Set

The 10 foot nylon parachute features 12 handles and comes with storage bag.

This glides through air and water! Every child in the neighborhood will want one. The Internal Wing Aircraft captures energy not utilized by conventional wings. When air passes through the unique wing configuration nearly all of the energy is...

6-pin bowling set includes flat bottomed pins and foam ball. Great for indoor play or out. Set is packed in sturdy zippered bag for portability and storage. Colors may vary.

Age: 3+ years




Camo 30 inch Beamo Flying Hoop Counting Pogo Jumper Easy Grip Football with TACTILE surface
Camo 30 inch Beamo Flying HoopCounting Pogo JumperEasy Grip Football with TACTILE surface

Easy to throw and fun to catch. Beamo's soft foam ring and resilient spandex sleeve make this must toss toy lightweight, safe and durable. Watch them fly over 100 feet for boundless fun at the park, beach or in your yard! They float too!

Who can jump the most?! The new counting pogo jumper digitally counts every hop as it squeaks! The stretchy bungee fits any height and the pogo jumper supports up to 250 pounds, so mom and dad can join in too! Replaceable button cell battery included.

Inflatable foam resin construction. Not a goam coated ball. Rotational molded without seams. High tactile surface which inflates using a standard inflation needle. Set of 6.




Gone Fishing Set Hop and Squeak Pogo Jumper Hydroplane Water Slide
Gone Fishing SetHop and Squeak Pogo JumperHydroplane Water Slide
Fishing is now easier than ever! This new set includes one Fishing Rod, a set of four Small Fish. Use the magnet on the hook to catch the bright orange fish in the pond or the aquarium! Landing a fish requires both motor skills and mental...

Made from soft, durable foam. Stretchy bungee accommodates any height and can support up to 250 pounds. Fun for adults too! Built-in squeaker squeaks with every hop. Comfort grip handle. Great for indoor and outdoor play.


Single 15 feet with extra-large splash pool so children can hydroplane. Includes bonus Slide Boogie. Ages 5 to 12. A neighborhood and family must have!




NightZone Hoops in Blue NightZone Jump Rope Pop-Up 'n Play Goal
NightZone Hoops in BlueNightZone Jump RopePop-Up 'n Play Goal

Play and practice in the dark of night! The basketball set includes 9" light up hoop and 3 1/2" foam ball. Hoop has option for consistent light or flashing choose! Assorted colors.

This is an unbelievable jump rope. Not only is this good excercise but wonderful for visual stimulation. Colors delivered vary.

Travel sports goal is great for the backyard or park. Take out of case, pop open, unfold sides and fasten, secure into ground with 4 included metal stakes. Sturdy strong construction. When it's time to go home, pull out stakes, unfasten sides,...




Sensory Vision Light Up Football Adjustable Length Jump Ropes Set of 20 Adventure Obstacle Course Set
Sensory Vision Light Up FootballAdjustable Length Jump Ropes Set of 20Adventure Obstacle Course Set

This 8" foam football glows super bright with new lightband technology. It has an intense glow for long distance play with over 24 hours of continuous play. The lightup football is extremely popular with children as it promotes visual...

Get your heart racing with our adjustable length jump ropes . Jumping rope is one of the best sources of cardio excersise and we have the tool to acheive the best results. These adjustable ropes have a maximum length of 9' long, very durable,...

Adventure Obstacle Course great for any field day! Set Includes: Rings: 15", 19" and 26 1/2" Diameter, 4 pcs each size in different colors. Blocks: 4 pcs in difference colors, 14 x 6 x 3 3/4" dimension. Cones: 4 pcs each of 12" high and 19" high...




Ankle Hoop Ball-Set of 20 Ankle Twirl Balls-Set of 8 Basketball Goal
Ankle Hoop Ball-Set of 20Ankle Twirl Balls-Set of 8Basketball Goal

Ankle Hoop Ball - Set of 20 in 6 different colors, 5 5/8" Hoop, 17" Long Cord.

Ankle Twirl Ball - Set of 8 in 6 different colors.

No backboard = no banking Players can shoot from all sides Promotes higher scoring for younger participants Sturdy, tubular steel Portable and lightweight 36" base and 18" hoop Easy to assemble For use indoors and out 4' Basketball Shooting Goal




Bat and Ball Bowling Set Catch and Balance Band Set
Bat and BallBowling SetCatch and Balance Band Set

Both the 21" bat and 2 1/2" ball are covered with high-density foam for safety. Assorted colors which ship random. 

Play indoors or out with this new plastic bowling set. Set includes 10 colorful pins, 2 bowling balls, and a yellow carrying bag with handle.

Teamwork is a must for this fun activity! Participants must work together to move the included ball down the parachute chain and back without dropping it on the ground. Included in this set are six 13.5" diameter parachute bands (each with 4 straps) and 6 foam balls with nylon mesh cover.




Childrens Croquet Set Colorful Paddle Set of 8 Cone Markers Set of 48
Childrens Croquet SetColorful Paddle Set of 8Cone Markers Set of 48

This well made croquet set for four players includes four 25" mallets, four (70mm) solid plastic balls, 2 pegs, 10 wickets, official playing instructions. Quality hardwood, non toxic varnish.

Full Size Paddle Racket -  15" Long. This is a set of 8.

6" Colorful Cone Set - Set of 48 pieces in 6 different colors




Durable Nylon Ropes 7 ft Set of 20 Feet Print Markers Set of 24 Flashing Orbit Ball
Durable Nylon Ropes 7 ft Set of 20Feet Print Markers Set of 24Flashing Orbit Ball

These durable knotted nylon jump ropes are 7' long and come in 6 different colors. This set of 20 ropes are easy on the hands but tough in construction. * Set of 20

Feet Print Markers - Set of 24 in 6 different colors - 9" x 3"

Flashing Lights are activated for 10-15 seconds with each bounce. Intertwined translucent bands make this 2 3/4 ball eye-catching and fun!  




Flashing Puffer Tactile Ball Foam Polo Set Foam Strike Compound Bow
Flashing Puffer Tactile BallFoam Polo SetFoam Strike Compound Bow

Each 3.5 inch two tone ball has a yo yo or squeeze activated flashing light inside. Provides both visual and tactile stimulation. Can be used as a bounce back yo yo or a tactile hand fidget.

Foam Polo Set. Set Includes 12 - 34" Long Sticks 1 - 5.5" Foam Ball

Each foam arrow can soar over 100 feet and has a notch carved in it for easy loading and firing. Set includes one 24" bow, three 15" arrows and one 5 1/2" ammo holder.




Foam Strike Slingshot Foam Strike Switchblade Boomerang Geometric Shapes Set
Foam Strike SlingshotFoam Strike Switchblade BoomerangGeometric Shapes Set

Slingshot fun with foam ammo! Blast the four 1 1/2" foam balls over 60 feet with the 8" launcher.

Springs to life with the tough of a button. Folds down to fit into your pocket. The 13" diameter boomerang is soft and pliable for easy throwing and catching.

Geometric Shapes Set - Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangular, Hexagon




Gym Rings Half Cones Set of 36 Hand Print Markers Set of 24
Gym RingsHalf Cones Set of 36Hand Print Markers Set of 24

Gym Rings are soft and very strong vinyl molded 7"rings that are used for indoor and outdoor activities and sports.

Half Cones Set - 36 Piece Set - 8" dia x 2" H - 6 Colors on Stand.

Hand Print Markers - Set of 24 in 6 different colors - 7.5" x 7.5"




Heavyweight Jump Rope 16 ft Set of 36 Heavyweight Jump Rope 6 ft Set of 40 Hoppy Balls
Heavyweight Jump Rope 16 ft Set of 36Heavyweight Jump Rope 6 ft Set of 40Hoppy Balls

Heavyweight Cotton Jump Rope - 16' long. * This is a set of 36

Heavyweight Cotton Jump Rope 6' Long. * This is a set of 40

A playground and backyard classic! These big-handled balls promote balance and coordination. Holds up to 175 lbs. Hand pump is included. Assorted colors.




Junior Size Paddle Racket-Set of 48 in 6 Colors Lacrosse Set Laser Light Tactile Ball
Junior Size Paddle Racket-Set of 48 in 6 ColorsLacrosse SetLaser Light Tactile Ball

Junior Size Paddle Racket - Set of 48 in 6 different colors, 13.5" Long.

Includes 2 game sticks and 1 foam ball. 2 kid sized sticks that are perfect for beach or backyard fun!

Age: 5+ years

The Laser Light Up Tactile Ball comes in at 2.5 inches perfect for any childs hand. This fidget offers its user a hand sized instant sensory stimulation. This "ultimate fidget" appears to be nothing but a ball toy to most, but to children with...




Lemon Twist Set of 6 colors Lollipop Paddles - Large - Set of 24 Lollipop Paddles - Small - Set of 24
Lemon Twist Set of 6 colorsLollipop Paddles - Large - Set of 24Lollipop Paddles - Small - Set of 24

Lemon Twist

  • Develop coordination, cardiovascular fitness and agility
  • 5 5/8" loop diameter
  • Super strong plastic ball
  • Unbreakable ring
  • Vinyl cord is 17" long
  • Set of six colors

Lollipop Paddles - 21" L. Set of 24

Lollipop Paddles - 16" L. Set of 24




Mini Step Hurdles Set of 25 Neon Dart Ball Set Night Ball Softball
Mini Step Hurdles Set of 25Neon Dart Ball SetNight Ball Softball

Mini Step Hurdles - 6" High - Set of 25

This unique dart-type game is a hanging play board made of a sturdy nylon shell with inflatable inner chamber. Three 2.5in tennis balls (included) stick to the Velcro hook and loop score pads. Add up point totals to win. Board measures 24 inches...

This ball lights up when thrown or bounced. You get exercise and visual stimulation at the same time!! Measures 4 1/2" diameter.




Night Soccer Ball NightZone Rebound Ball Parachute
Night Soccer BallNightZone Rebound BallParachute
NightBall Soccer is so much fun! The new NightBall Soccer ball lights up when you kick it and as it rolls through the grass or flies through the air. this ball lights up upon impact and movement. Now you can play soccer any time - on the street,...

This ball is great for visual stimulation and for sensory issues!!!! Any child would love to play with this.

Playing with the parachute provides exercise for the whole body-for everyone! A wonderful way of developing basic physical coordination. Inspires many types of activities for groups of children or grown-ups. Made of colorful, light-weight,...




Plastic Baseballs Set of 200 Plastic Batons - Set of 6 Plastic Softball Set of 120
Plastic Baseballs Set of 200Plastic Batons - Set of 6Plastic Softball Set of 120
Hollow Plastic Baseball with Holes - 7.2cm diameter. * Set of 200 Balls

Plastic Batons This track and field baton set includes 6 plastic batons in assorted colors. Plastic Batons measure 11" long.

Hollow Plastic Softballs with Holes - 9cm dia. * Set of 120 Balls




Playground Ball Playground Balls Set of 3 Return To Right Hurdles Set of 24
Playground BallPlayground Balls Set of 3Return To Right Hurdles Set of 24

This classic rubber playground ball comes in three assorted designs. Inflate with standard pump and needle. Does not come inflated. A set of three is also sold for $ 34.99, SKU 26001-3

These classic rubber playground balls come in a set of three assorted designs. Inflate with standard pump and needle. Does not come inflated. Individual balls are also available for 11.99 SKU# 26001.

Return-To-Right Hurdles - Blue/White - 12" H. * This is a set of 24




Ring Toss Ring Toss Game Set Sack Race
Ring TossRing Toss Game SetSack Race

Set of four colored rings with a soft foam base. A safe and fun activity for indoor and outdoor play!

Ring Toss Game Set More ring toss excitement with this colorful set! Black felted cone has a weighted base. Throw the 6 colorful rings to test your hand-eye coordination. Includes bag for easy storage.

Great for parties, social groups, therapy exercise, or just bouncing around the yard. Includes game ideas, and 4 22 inch sacks with fabric handles.




Scoop and Toss Game Scoop Ball Set-Set of 24 Square Markers 9 inch Set of 20
Scoop and Toss GameScoop Ball Set-Set of 24Square Markers 9 inch Set of 20
Scoop and Toss Game features 2-15" scoops and a softball-sized plastic ball can be used for a number of outdoor games including baseball, jai alai or catch. Only a few left in stock!! This is a discontinued item. Available on clearance!!

Scoop Ball Set - Set of 2 Scoops and 1 Ball 5/8" in diameter. This is a set of 24.

Square Markers - 9" x 9" Set of 20 in 6 different colors.




Standard Speed Jump Rope 7 ft Set of 15 Standard Speed Rope 16 ft Set of 6 Toss Across Game
Standard Speed Jump Rope 7 ft Set of 15Standard Speed Rope 16 ft Set of 6Toss Across Game

Standard speed jump rope 7' long. * This is a set of 15

Standard Speed Jump Rope 16' long. * This is a set of 6

Toss the beanbag and try for tic-tac-toe. Includes game base and six beanbags. Assembled game measures 17"x14".




Toss and Catch or Frisbee Game Ultra Soft Foam Horseshoe Set Vinyl Cone 12" Orange-Set of 24
Toss and Catch or Frisbee Game Ultra Soft Foam Horseshoe SetVinyl Cone 12" Orange-Set of 24
These fun play ring sets can be used in the yard, park, in the pool or at the beach! The big foam-ring paddles have a stretchy nylon center that make toss and catch games tons of fun. Includes both a rubber ball and a pom-pom ball. Rings can also...
  • Ultra soft foam
  • So soft, these can be played anywhere
  • Great for all ages
  • Set includes base

Vinyl Cone  - 12" H - Square Base - Orange. This is a set of 24.




Vinyl Cones Set of 8 in 6 Colors Walking Boards - Curved-Set of 12 Walking Boards Straight-Set of 12
Vinyl Cones Set of 8 in 6 ColorsWalking Boards - Curved-Set of 12Walking Boards Straight-Set of 12
Vinyl Cone Set is 7" high with a round base. Includes: 8 sets of 6 different colors

Walking Boards - Curved - Dimensions: 11.5"L x 5.75" Bottom X 2" Top x 6.25"H. This is a set of 12.

Walking Boards - Straight - Dimensions: 11.5"L x 5.75" Bottom X 2" Top x 6.25"H. This is a set of 12.




Whiffle Softball Set of 6 Wiggly Giggly Ball Large
Whiffle Softball Set of 6Wiggly Giggly Ball Large

These whiffle softballs are designed with safety in mind. These safe, plastic balls are perfect for children of all ages and are also great for limited space. Sold as a set/6 assorted colors.

It's the ball that wiggles and giggles! These multiple award-winning balls make wild noises when you turn, roll and shake them. They measure 7 inches in diameter and comes in assorted colors. No batteries required.