Compression Vest Thera Stretch Exerciser Hand Grip Exerciser
Compression VestThera Stretch ExerciserHand Grip Exerciser

Compression vests offer a source of sensory input, and a sense of body awareness to a person suffering from autism as well as proprioceptive and sensory deficits. (Click for details)

Thera Stretch Expando Strap

Versatile and easy to use full body resistance belt with multiple finger hole positions. Used for fitness and rehabilitation. Made of durable TPR.

The hand exerciser helps improve strength, coordination, motion and circulation designed specifically toprovide tactile stimulation. Squeezers have soft quills that provide soothing sensory stimulation and work well to provide nerve stimulation.




Hoodie Vibrating Senseez Pillow PROPRIOCEPTION KIT Cooperative Blanket
Hoodie Vibrating Senseez PillowPROPRIOCEPTION KITCooperative Blanket
Cuddle up on the couch with our classic fleece vibrating pillow. With pockets to play with and a matching hood, everyone loves their favorite hoodie! Dimensions: 17" by 13" Depth 5.5 inches

The Sensory University Proprioception Kit offers an entire days worth of sensory exercise, spatial awareness, and calming compression. Can be used in combination with weighted balls or lap pads for an even more in depth approach.

The Sensory University Cooperative blanket offers your child a chance to explore space while in the seclusion of their own little world. This exercise offers a calming effect as well as a source of great tactile and sensory input. This product...




Digiflex Pediatric Hand Exerciser Miracle Belt Weighted Belt RESISTANCE TUNNEL
Digiflex Pediatric Hand ExerciserMiracle Belt Weighted BeltRESISTANCE TUNNEL

Instantly improves fine motor skills and hand strength while offering the user a sense of independence.  Perfect for use during daily sensory routines such as swinging, or learning routines such as reading.  Excellent for a hand fidget.

The Miracle Belt™ is a pediatric weighted therapy belt which has been proven to promote self-calming, balance, and increased body awareness by enhancing proprioceptive feedback. Within minutes of wearing the Miracle Belt™ your child...

Tactile input and sensory integration at is finest. The world will seem calm and simple to your child after only one crawl through the Sensory University Resistance Tunnel. (Click for instructions and details)