Alpine Tunnel Slide GigglePlay Gazebo Ball Pit Mini Nest Ball Pool
Alpine Tunnel SlideGigglePlay Gazebo Ball PitMini Nest Ball Pool

Alpine Tunnel Slide

Six specially shaped soft play forms create a motor perceptual playland. Incremental sizing encourages large muscle development. Ages: 9 mos – 3 yrs


71"L x 70"W x 20"H

The GigglePlay™ Gazebo was developed for indoors or outdoors use, not only in commercial settings such as classrooms, playgrounds, family fun centers, waiting rooms, and anywhere children love to play, but also to be enjoyed in the home or...The perfect nesting spot for any child interested in exploring color and fun! Great for individual or social play, this Mini-Nest Pool is a sensory dream. Comfortably cushioned by four 4" thick soft foam sides. Packed with fun but small enough to...




Butterfly Climber Cozy Play Mat with Tunnel and Slide Flower Petal Ball Pool
Butterfly ClimberCozy Play Mat with Tunnel and SlideFlower Petal Ball Pool

4 piece center of the room climber covered in 14 oz vinyl with hook n' loop fasteners. Floor Space 59" w x 52"l x 11-3/4" h. Sized for ages 6 months through 2 years.

60"L x 52"W x 12"H

A must have for any home or waiting room for all children ages 9 months-3 years!

60"L x 60"W x 15"H

6 flower petals varying from 3"h to 12"h help teach color recognition along with spatial relationship as little ones climb up, down, and around the center ball pool which has 28" inside diameter with soft foam walls that enclose 130 blue balls. Ages: 6 mos – 2 yrs 64"L x 61"W x 12"H




Ladybug Climber LITTLE CHUG ENGINE CLIMBER Mikaylas Mini Mountain
Ladybug ClimberLITTLE CHUG ENGINE CLIMBERMikaylas Mini Mountain

Ladybug Climber


54"L x 40"W x 10"H

Children love to climb, and it is good for them. All of our climbing structures meet safety standards in all states, and are covered in washable flame retardant latex free vinyl.

Bright colors attract curious climbing for 9 months through 3s. Ball pool holds 120 polyethylene 3+" dia. play balls. Add two shatter resistant mirrors to enhance and multiply play possibilities (mirrors sold separately). MUST BE PLACED AGAINST WALLS IN CORNER FOR SAFE PLAY. 18"h at peak.




Nuts and Bolts Climber Ocean Depths Ball Refuge Shape and Play Climber
Nuts and Bolts ClimberOcean Depths Ball RefugeShape and Play Climber

Nuts and Bolts Climber Nineteen individual pieces have hook & loop fasteners to form a center-of-the-room climber that stimulates imaginations. Ages: 6 mos – 2 yrs 87"L x 87"W x 12.5"H

Ocean Depths Ball Refuge 6" thick walls contain 800 multi-colored polyethylene hollow balls. Gentle sea creatures share this refuge with child participants. Vinyl, unpadded floor attaches to wall with hook & loop fasteners. 58" sq. inside,...

Four piece climber that can be re-arranged with universal hook and loop attachments. Two sewn in mirrors. Each piece is 20" module. Floor space is 40"L x 40"W x 10"H. Ages 9 months-3 years.





Soft Staircase Climber Toddler Power Pyramid Play Center
Soft Staircase ClimberToddler Power Pyramid Play Center

One piece soft shape joins edgeless soft steps with a safe platform and gentle ramp inviting 6 months old through 2s to pull up, venture and succeed. 12" high.


42"L x 20"W x 12"H

Hook n loop fasteners hold this unique climber together as one piece. CORNER FLOOR SPACE REQUIRED FOR SAFE USE. 18" high. Ages 9 months thru 3 years. Shock absorbing surface required to safely use this product. Mirror sold seperate.